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In this game you are a manga artist. The goal is to become a successful and well-known mangaka.


Your artist has stats which can be raised with training. She can only do so much work in a day, based on her stats. When her energy runs low, she needs to sleep to recover. If you let her energy run out completely, she goes to the hospital until all of her energy is restored. You lose control over her during this time, which is obviously bad if you were working on a project with a deadline.

A translation of the iPhone menu.

In a style that may remind you of their more recent game, Game Dev Story, you are tasked with combining types of comic (such as "story" or "4-koma") with appropriate genres. Once a comic is complete, you can send it off to a small, medium, or large publisher. If it is accepted, you will receive a payment, which you can then invest into training to improve your stats and research to discover new genres and comic types.

If your comic is popular, your publisher will request for additional entries in the series.


A transcription of the game's manual can be found here. Note that the manual is, of course, in Japanese.


  • This game allows you to choose a male or female avatar. If you choose the female avatar, you can see toys of Kairobot, Chimpan Z, and King Ackbar sitting on shelves in her room. There is also a brown teddy bear, possibly a reference to Grizzly Bearington, and a duck.
  • Waku Waku! Manga Doojoo is only available on Japanese platforms. It is available for free on DoCoMo and Softbank phones; its iPhone incarnation costs 85 yen.


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