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Munch Munch Kairo-kun is a "cutesy" game, that start off with some artwork / comic panels that depict the basic story, followed by some instructions by Chimpan Z (playing the "role" of your Assistant).

Gameplay is essentially a small "breakout"-style game, with Wairobot as re-occurring enemy (who when hit will randomly drop either a bomb or heart). Each level has multiple "stages", which all share a single countdown timer to finish the level. Your goal is to collect all the food (sushi), and while it may raise your score / give bonuses, it is not "required" to collect chests / stars / destroy numbered blocks, except to clear them out of your way (although it may be difficult to obtain 3 stars without doing so).


  • Bomb - Damages your platform
  • Heart - Heals your platform
  • Battery - Protects your platform for a time
  • Round Ball with Kairobot (varying colors) - Adds a color for your aura (all 4 needed to activate aura)
  • Hourglass - increases countdown timer

Pre-level Powerups[]

0-3 powerups may be chosen at once.

Powerup Coins Description
Robot 5 ???
3 Color Aura 10 Decreases number of colors needed for aura to 3
Rainbow 10 Increases the health of your platform, as well as showing how much health it has left with stars instead of cracks.


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