Cafeteria Nipponica

Изначально, доступно всего 3 блюда выбранной вами кухни. Остальные будут открываться по ходу игры (например, полученные от клиентов за вознаграждение). Так же, блюда надо обязательно улучшать! Каждое блюдо состоит из - базы, 1 или 2 ингредиентов.

Выбор блюд осуществляется из следующих видов кухни:

1. Japanese (Японская);

2. Chinese (Китайская);

3. Western (Западная);

4. Snacks (Закуски);

5. Salad (Салаты).

1-3 Это основной тип блюд, закуски и салаты - дополнительный.

Основные рецепты

# New Dish Base Dish Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Type Notes
1 Fried Rice = Rice Carrot Chinese A Chinese standard, full of flavor and spice.
2 Spaghetti = Udon Herbs Western
3 Seafood Soup = Udon Secret Sauce Japanese A traditional Japanese soup. Easy to make and complements any meal.
4 Shumai = Rice Top-Class Pork Chinese Chinese-style steamed pork dumplings.
5 Karaage = Toast Boned Chicken Snacks A popular dish consisting of chicken or other foods marinated in soy sauce, garlic, and ginger and then deep fried in a light oil.
6 Salad = Toast Lettuce Western
7 Toast = Rice Flour Snacks
8 Onigiri = Rice Dried Seaweed Snacks A traditional Japanese snack made from white rice rolled into a ball. Perfect even on the go.
9 Yaki Onigiri = Onigiri Soy Sauce Snacks A popular, easy-to-make Japanese snack. Lightly grilled in soy sauce, this is a tasty twist on the standard rice ball.
10 Omelette = Rice Fresh Eggs Western
11 Rice Omelette = Omelette Organic Rice Western Contemporary Japanese fusion cuisine, made of an omelette filled with rice.
12 Chicken Bowl = Rice Boned Chicken Japanese Japanese dish consisting of a bowl of rice topped with chicken and egg.
13 Pork Bowl = Chicken Bowl Top-Class Pork Onion Japanese Beautiful in its simplicity, this surefire Japanese favorite is a bowl of rice covered in deep-fried pork cutlet and egg.
14 Eel Bow = Chicken Bowl Tasty Fish Secret Sauce Japanese An elegant Japanese dish consisting of broiled eel served over rice.
15 Tuna Bowl = Rice Tasty Fish Soy Sauce Japanese Tuna sashimi over rice. A universal Japanese favorite.
16 Rice Porridge = Hot Pot Organic Rice Japanese Warms and relaxes the soul, a great way to finish off dinner, Japanese-style.
17 Crab Fried Rice = Fried Rice King Crab Mild Vinegar Chinese A seafood spin on the popular Chinese dish.
18 Curry n' Rice = Fried Rice Hot Spices Western Mild curry served with rice. A tried-and-true standard in Japan, but typically regarded as a "Western" dish.
19 Beef Curry = Curry n' Rice Marbled Beef Western Beefy curry served with rice. While a staple in Japan, curry dishes are typically categorized as "Western" cuisine.
20 Indian Curry = Curry n' Rice Flour Herbs Western Traditional Indian curry, chock full of spices. Categorized as a "Western" dish.
21 Hayashi Rice = Curry n' Rice Tomato Western A popular "Western" dish in Japan consisting of beef, onions, and mushrooms in a thick demi-glace sauce over rice.
22 Fried Udon = Udon Soy Sauce Carrot Japanese A dish featuring the Japanese staple grilled with vegetables and meat.
23 Champon = Udon Chinese Cabbage Japanese A Chinese-inspired noodle dish with tons of variations from region to region.
24 Ramen = Udon Boned Chicken Chinese
25 Pork Ramen = Ramen Top-Class Pork Green Onion Chinese Ramen in a thick pork broth, bursting with hearty flavor.
26 Miso Ramen Ramen Special Miso Sweet Corn Chinese Ramen in a robust, tangy miso broth.
27 BBQ Pork Ramen = Ramen Top-Class Pork Garlic Chinese Ramen topped with slices of savory barbecued pork.
28 Combo Ramen = Ramen Soy Sauce Fresh Eggs Chinese A fun twist on ramen, with the noodles and soup served in separate bowls to allow for dipping.
29 Chilled Noodles = Ramen Mild Vinegar Hot Spices Chinese A dish bursting with flavor, despite the lackluster name. Consists of long noodles in tangy, cold broth--a great way to beat the heat.
30 Yakisoba = Soba Cabbage Chinese Stir-fried soba noodles. A hit at any Japanese festival.
31 Ankake Yakisoba = Yakisoba Tasty Fish Chinese Stir-fried soba noodles covered in a delectable, vinegary sauce.
32 Japanese Pasta = Spaghetti Mushroom Spinach Western A Japanese take on a Western favorite.
33 Pasta Carbonara = Spaghetti Fresh Milk Fresh Eggs Western
34 Meat Sauce Pasta = Spaghetti Top-Class Pork Tomato Western
35 Miso Soup = Seafood Soup Tofu Japanese
36 Corn Chowder = Seafood Soup Sweet Corn Western
37 Stew = Corn Chowder Boned Chicken Northern Potato Western
38 Beef Stew = Stew Tomato Marbled Beef Western
39 Minestrone Soup = Corn Chowder Tomato Onion Western
40 Shark Fin Soup = Seafood Soup Tasty Fish Secret Sauce Chinese
41 Bird's Nest Soup = Shark Fin Soup Caviar Foie Gras Chinese
42 Hot Pot = Seafood Soup Chinese Cabbage Boned Chicken Japanese An iconic Japanese dish that graces the table most often during colder seasons.
43 Sumo Stew = Hot Pot Top-Class Pork Prize Mushroom Japanese Rich in protein and famous for sating the stomachs of sumo wrestlers, this dish consists of a chicken broth base combined with an assortment of tofu, meat, and
44 Yakiniku = Hot Pot Marbled Beef Secret Sauce Japanese Select cuts of meat flame-broiled over a charcoal grill.
45 Pork Bun = Shumai Top-Class Pork Snacks A Chinese-style steamed bun filled with ground pork.
46 Takoyaki = Pork Bun Flour Octopus Snacks Battered, fried dumplings containing diced octopus. Originally from Osaka but not popular in many parts of Japan.
47 Okonomiyaki = Shumai Flour Secret Sauce Japanese A savory pancake containing ingredients ranging from meat or seafood to noodles or cheese. Fillings, toppings, and batters vary by region.
48 Gyoza = Shumai Green Onion Ginger Chinese Crescent-shaped, Chinese-style dumplings containing a ground meat or vegetable filling and typically served with a soy-vinegar dipping sauce. They can be boiled,
49 Meat Gyoza = Gyoza Top-Class Pork Chinese Crescent-shaped, Chinese-style dumplings stuffed with ground pork and typically served with a soy-vinegar dipping sauce.
50 Seafood Gyoza = Gyoza Top-Class Shrimp Cabbage Chinese Crescent-shaped, Chinese-style dumplings stuffed with seafood and typically served with a soy-vinegar dipping sauce.
51 Hamburger Steak = Sauteed Chicken Marbled Beef Carrot Western
52 Yakitori = Hamburger Steak Top-Class Shrimp Organic Rice Japanese Skewered chicken grilled over charcoal with either salt or a thick, sweet sauce.
53 Kid's Lunch = Hamburger Steak Marbled Beef Secret Sauce Western
54 Steak = Sauteed Chicken Boned Chicken Green Onion Western
55 Pork Cutlet = Karaage Top-Class Pork Cabbage Japanese A breaded, deep-friend pork cutlet typically served with shredded cabbage and miso soup. Widely regarded as a Western dish, as it was first introduce by the
56 Croquette = Karaage Top-Class Pork Northern Potato Western A breaded, deep-friend food usually made mainly of potatoes but availale in countless variations. Fillings can range from vegetables and ground meat to seafood in a
57 Gratin = Croquette Thick Butter Fresh Milk Western
58 Tempura = Croquette Top-Class Shrimp Tasty Fish Japanese
59 Seafood Salad = Salad Octopus Western
60 Caesar Salad = Salad Lettuce Aged Cheese Western
61 Veggie Stir Fry = Salad Carrot Cabbage Chinese
62 Meat Stir Fry = Veggie Stir Fry Top-Class Pork Kikurage Chinese
63 Nimono = Veggie Stir Fry Pumpkin Daikon Radish Japanese An assortment of slow-simmered Japanese delicacies. Forms a core pillar of Japanese cuisine.
64 Sashimi = Grilled Fish Tasty Fish Soy Sauce Japanese Raw, thinly sliced fish or meat typically served with a dipping sauce such as soy sauce.
65 Kaiseki Cuisine = Sashimi Tasty Fish Matsutake Japanese A traditional multi-course meal consisting of simple, elegantly arranged dishes that emphasize presentation as well as taste. Originally served at tea
66 Ikizukuri = Sashimi Sea Bream Squid Japanese The freshest sashimi around, somewhat controversial as it is prepared and served alive.
67 Top-Grade Sushi = Sashimi Organic Rice Soy Sauce Japanese The pinnacle of the iconic Japanese dish. Only the finest materials go into making this highly coveted delicacy.
68 French Fries = Toast Northern Potato Snacks
69 Hamburger = Toast Marbled Beef Snacks
70 Pizza Toast = Toast Tomato


71 Pizza = Toast Aged Cheese Top-Class Pork Western
72 Parfait = Ice Cream Cherries Desserts
73 Chocolate Parfait = Parfait Chocolate Desserts
74 Berry Parfait = Parfait Strawberries Desserts
75 Pudding = Ice Cream Fresh Eggs Desserts
76 Doughnut = Ice Cream Flour Desserts
77 Gold Ice Cream = Ice Cream Gold Flakes Desserts Ice cream was never richer.


В дополнение к вышеперечисленным рецептам, есть дополнительные 6. Эти блюда можно приготовить только приготавливая другие, либо отыскать в сундуках.

# Dish Obtained Type Notes
1 Grilled Fish Chest: Craggy Rocks
Chest: Fisher's House
2 Ice Cream Chest: Green Pasture
Chest: Kairo Island
3 Rice Starting Menu: Snacks
Plan: Point Card
4 Sauteed Chicken Chest: Fishery Western
5 Soba Serve Rice to Housewife Hina Japanese Thin Japanese noodles made from buckwheat. Extremely popular across a wide variety of Japanese cuisine.
6 Udon Starting Menu: Japanese
Chest: Local Woods
Japanese Thick wheat-flour noodles, a staple of Japanese cuisine. Can be enjoyed hot or chilled, depending on the season, and can vary widely by region.
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